Gender Neutral Gift Guide 2018

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The shopping centre at Christmas time. Tis’ the season for a clear gendered divide between what gifts are ‘for her’ and ‘for him’.

From babies to toddlers to teens, it’s hard to buy gifts outside of the blue and pink gender divide. On one side you’ve got trucks, soccer balls and tents. On the other side you’ve got dolls, make-up and accessories.

Clever marketing strategies, which play on the anxiety of parents who just want their kids to fit in, perpetuate the gender roles dictated by society. These roles affect us throughout our lives.

It’s important to reflect on how these rigid gender roles, reinforced by actions such as gift giving, may have negative consequences. Certain items may look innocuous, but can teach children to accept exaggerated notions of femininity and masculinity.

When a young girl is given only make-up and dolls as they grow up, it could reinforce an expectation upon them to be nurturing and pretty. When a young boy is given only sports related gifts as they grow up, it could reinforce an expectation that they are physically powerful.

The rigid gender expectations placed on all of us have serious consequences and lead to inequalities of gender in our society.

The next time you’re buying a present for someone, think about their individual interests instead of their gender. When you're buying gifts for young people in particular, who can be very impressionable, consider gifts that will expand their worldview, not narrow it.

So without further adieu, here’s our Gender Neutral Gift Guide for 2018!

  • Popcorn maker! Because who doesn’t love popcorn

  • Donation to charity - Oxfam Unwrapped has some great pre-made packages!

  • Self-care pack (bath bombs, face masks, candles and more available from Lush and Daiso)

  • Jigsaw puzzle

  • Customisable stickers, t-shirts or art prints from RedBubble

  • Watercolour pencils and paints

  • Hand-held spray fan (perfect for those sweltering December days!)

  • Board games - Family Feud, Settlers of Catan, Trivial Pursuit and more!

  • An umbrella - ideal for Victorians expecting four seasons in a day this summer!

  • 2019 diary/planner

  • Food or recipe books - because everyone knows food is the best part of the holiday season!

  • A framed photo of you and a friend

  • House plants and pots - perfect for livening up your living space!

  • Beeswax cloth sets, a new and exciting way to preserve your food products and help the environment

We hope these help with your gift shopping and wish you all a wonderful and happy holidays from the Chalk Circle team!

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