Resources To Assist Others During The SSM Debate And Beyond


Right now, our society is in the midst of a debate on marriage equality. We’ve seen, heard and read anti-LGBTQI+ messages in the media and in society. This can and does have serious health implications. But there are things you can do to help. A variation of the message below has been circulating, and we wish to help by rebroadcasting it:

Research from the United States shows that the mental health of LGBTQI+ people suffer significantly during these debates on marriage equality, with anxiety increasing by up to two hundred and forty eight percent and cases of depression by over thirty five percent.

If you are part of the LGBTQI+ community and need access to confidential support, here are some services available:

  • QLife - Free national LGBTQI+ phone and web counselling, coast to coast. 1800 184 527 |
  • LifeLine – 24/7 Crisis Support & Suicide Prevention Services. 13 11 14 |
  • #staystrong tips from ACON, click on the attached image and visit their website!

To cope with the negative messages, LGBTQI+ community & allies may rely and depend upon their family, friends & colleagues. What can LGBTQI+ allies do to support colleagues, family & friends?

  • Acknowledging the potential impact;
  • Checking in with identifying people, provide reminders of support available;
  • Sending a strong message of inclusion;
  • Knowing what is and what isn't a respectful debate on the postal survey;
  • Calling out non-inclusive language;
  • Keeping up to date with the campaign on marriage equality;

The simplest things can help others. We hope this goes some small way towards doing so.