Interview With A Facilitator

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As part of our wrap-up of the first half of 2017, we've interviewed one of our awesome facilitators, Lucy Curtis, on why she's volunteered her time and talent to Chalk Circle.

Why do you care about gender literacy?

I think the first time I really started to ‘see’ gender and its impacts was towards the end of high school. I had a fantastic English teacher who would include discussions of gender in her classes and helped us see how it also related to our lives. Inspired by her, I now study a lot of gender-related theory at university however it’s really important to know that you don’t have to read complicated theory to be able to understand the effects of gender in our daily lives. I love being able to ‘decode’ what I’ve learnt at university so that it can be easily passed on to younger people in a relevant and relatable way. Conversations about gender shouldn’t have to wait til university and beyond - the earlier we have these conversations the better! That’s why I am passionate about gender literacy and am so proud to be a facilitator with Chalk Circle.

What is your favourite thing about facilitating workshops for Chalk Circle?

It’s honestly just so much fun to be in the classroom and interacting with students. We’re there to get the ball rolling and to foster a space for open and ongoing dialogue, rather than to lecture at them! I think teenagers are often misunderstood and underestimated and so I find that giving them a space to explore and discuss is usually really well received. I’m always so impressed with insightful comments that I hear and the connections that students make to the workshops’ content and their own lives - gives me so much hope for the future! When students start connecting the dots and relating the content to their own experiences – that’s when you know you’ve done a good job facilitating.

If you had one super power, what would it be?

I would absolutely choose the ability to fly. It would be so much fun to soar through the sky - and it would sure save on airfares!

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