The Collective Lone Battle

My philosophy professor stood at the front of the lecture theatre and announced that we were going to do a class exercise. ‘I am going to write one word on the board’, she said, ‘and in twenty seconds, without giving it thought, I want you to write down whatever comes into your head. Go!’ She turned around and, in bold letters, scrawled the word ‘PHILOSOPHY.’

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Chalk CircleComment
Who hurts? Everyone.

Massive billboards, the front page of endless magazines, all across social media, again and again we see the objectification of female bodies. The reduction of our corporeal vessels to airbrushed, photo-shopped fallacies, used to sell deodorant. It’s maddening. Young girls are growing up surrounded by messages that their appearance is all they will be valued for. 

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Gender and domestic violence: different forms of intimate partner violence

In discussing domestic or intimate partner violence, it is important (irrespective of the victims’ gender) to have an understanding of what this type of violence actually is. Many people who think of ‘intimate partner violence’ or ‘domestic violence’ have a particular image of this. But abuse can take a number of forms, not just physical. The article shared today is a fact sheet from Reach Out Australia that briefly explores the various forms domestic violence can take.

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