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Our evidence-based program model 'OUTSIDE THE CIRCLE' is designed to teach gender literacy to high school students in a relatable, meaningful and engaging way.

Our program developers have researched and created an adaptable program suitable for all students in Years 7-12, regardless of whether they attend co-ed schools, boys schools or girls schools. The themes we explore in these workshops are important for everyone and are taught in a way that corresponds with different stages of development.

The program aligns with the National Safe Schools curriculum and public health framework, and has been created based on four important stages of learning: notice, think, feel, do, in order to teach students to see the world through a ‘gender lens.’

The response to this program from students, schools and the sector is clear: it fits a curriculum gap. It is engaging and effective in teaching the learning outcomes of improved gender literacy among students. It enhances respectful relationships and the primary prevention of gender-based violence.

It is not always easy or possible for teaching staff to start these conversations. We are here to support this process.