The Gender Dialogues 2015 was an inaugural conference for Victorian Students in Year 7 to 10, which ran from 10am until 2pm on Tuesday 1st September, hosted in the Swanston Academic Building at RMIT University in Melbourne.

Designed to be a fun, engaging, informative and interactive educational event, the Gender Dialogues 2015 showcased and facilitated:

  • high profile keynote speakers 
  • an engaging expert panel discussion
  • gender literacy workshops
  • entertainment 

Together, these components were devised to create accessible, inclusive, and safe conversations that focused on engaging students with an introduction to gender literacy. 

The success of this event inspired the development of Outside the Circle! our School Incursion Program. Click here to read more.




This event was brought to you by Chalk Circle, The Gender Literacy Foundation; sponsored by the U.S Consulate Melbourne; and supported by RMIT University's Bachelor of International Studies Program and the Victorian Women's Trust.